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Supporting Documentation 
Consumer Complaint Contact Change 
In compliance with item #11 do you need to update your consumer complaint contact person?
Consumer Complaint 
Static Text Supporting Documents  
Include copies of all consumer complaints.
Please use the "+" sign to add document
Corporate Change 
Report any corporate changes such as asset sales, stock transfers or mergers. According to 30 VSA Section 107, no company shall directly or indirectly acquire a controlling interest in any company without Public Service Board Approval. Attach any supporting documents regarding corporate changes here.
All Other Supporting Documents 
For all additional supplemental documents you wish to file with your Annual Report

To use the repeatable panel, please look at the bottom of the
panel. There is a Plus (+) next to the text "All Other
Supporting Documents". Select that button and multiple
document uploads will appear.
Warning! It may take up to 5 minutes to submit your Annual Report. Please do not hit the back button or exit the page. A confirmation page will appear once your return has been processed.